My Story

My Story

The inspiration behind creating the LPM Approach came from personal experience, as it most often does. I have an extensive movement background, spending most of my life in dance studios and/or weight rooms. After years of training, and believing I was ultra-healthy – because I did hours of cardio every week and could squat heavy weight – I came to discover I had a myriad of spinal and hip injuries which ended up impacting my life immensely.

When I was in my second year of college, I called my mom crying from the front porch of a strangers house. I told her I couldn’t finish the walk home because the numbness that had been present in my legs had turned to raging sciatica. It had been that way for months. But it was in that moment that I knew I had to do something to try and fix these issues. I couldn’t afford to put it off any longer. I went to see a physical therapist, got an MRI done, and learned that I had 2 laterally herniated discs in my lumbar spine, that were causing a whole host of muscular imbalances and pain throughout my body.

At that point I was told to quit my dance teams, stop lifting heavy weights, and sit down. But after months of being virtually immobile, depressed, and spending thousands of dollars on unsuccessful physical therapy sessions, nothing was getting better. I decided I  couldn’t just sit still anymore. That’s when I started doing my own research and developing my own process. Ligne Pilates and Movement is a culmination of all the things I’ve learned from my physical therapists, my movement mentors, through my fitness certifications and research, through client sessions, and experience.

All of this has led me to the conclusion that ultimately, there isn’t one correct way to move or train. Every body is different with it’s own set of inhibitors and trials to overcome. There is, however, a way to align and combine the different techniques and training that your body needs. I am here to help you uncover just how to do it.

– Eva