3 Simple Practices To Improve Your Life

Creating good habits can be very a difficult task. These days, everyone seems to be talking about the laundry list of activities that you should be doing before 6am – meditating, stretching, cold showers, etc. And though they are all great skills to practice and implement – I feel like some of the simpler solutions have been lost along the way.

The whole point of forming new habits is to alleviate stress and better some area of life that had been causing the stress. This could be anything ranging from relationships, work-life balance, to your physical health. And though there is definitely a place for the more complex solutions that exist, sometimes starting a bit smaller can get the ball rolling. So I’m diving into three simple habits that I’ve honed in throughout 2019 that have improved my life exponentially. I hope you all find them helpful too.

  • I developed a very, very baseline morning routine. I am not an early morning person. But I recognize that in order to accomplish all my goals, I have to drag myself out of bed around 6:30 in the morning (that’s very early for me). So I’ve stopped trying to make my mornings this grand affair when all I really want to do is fall back into bed. Now, my morning routine is (religiously) as follows – wake up, roll out of bed, brush my teeth, shower, get dressed, go downstairs, make my coffee, enjoy coffee for 30 minutes, begin day. And that’s it. Every single day. That might seem stupidly simple, but by building this habitual practice, I’ve found that my morning has become much more productive. After I’ve finished my coffee, it’s about 7:15am and I can officially start my day. No frills, no morning Savasana, just a simple set of movements to get me going.
  • I set weekly goals for myself. I find that this habit is best for goal-oriented people, like myself. Every Monday I take about 30 minutes to brainstorm what I need to accomplish over the next week. I like this strategy more than trying to schedule out my week because, as is the case for most people, my schedule is not consistent enough to plan out every single detail over the course of the week. Things are constantly changing, popping up unexpectedly, and getting rescheduled. Goal setting works better for me because it gives me the flexibility of just getting things done. It doesn’t matter how or when, but I know by the following Sunday, I need to have x, y, and z tasks accomplished.
  • I bring a pen everywhere.Pen, pencil, marker, eyeliner stick, whatever it is, I always have a writing utensil on me these days. I found myself in one too many situations where I’d be having these groundbreaking or inspiring discussions with people, and I wouldn’t have anything to write them down with. Yes – my phone is always on-hand but I find something so much more concrete about committing thoughts to ink and paper (or the palm of my hand, because I’m still developing the habit of bringing a notebook everywhere).

Though they are simple tasks, these little routines have helped me enormously since the beginning of the year. They got the ball rolling, and that’s what I needed. Since I didn’t have to focus on a major overhaul of all my routines, I am more mentally freed up to focus on the bigger picture. And now the concept of building even more, better habits feels much less daunting. So start small if you need too, but just start. The rest will come with effort and consistency.

Until next time… – Eva

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