Full Body Stretch Series

One of the most overlooked elements of health and fitness is recovery. We’ve all done it – walked away from a workout without stretching, foam rolling, icing, or heating even though we really know that we should. Fortunately these days, there are so many there are so many elaborate ways to recover your body ranging from movement, cryotherapy chambers, to luxury inferred sauna. This has certainly made the concept of recovery become much more interesting.

But despite all of the different practices that have developed over time, one of the most fundamental (and easily accessible) recovery techniques is stretching. Stretching provides a vast number of benefits to your body including releasing tight muscles, relieving soreness, and improving range of motion. This video goes some simple but effective stretches that are designed to target muscle groups throughout your entire body. Do these movements when you first wake up in the morning or when you’re finishing up a workout to ensure your body recovers to its fullest capacity.

Watch it now.

Until next time… -Eva

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