Breaking Down the Plank

The plank is the king of all movements when it comes to developing your core. This static hold has a myriad of physical benefits including strengthening your core muscles and relieving lower back pain. The trick is that it taps into so many different training modalities – strength, endurance, stability, breath. Suddenly, this seemingly simple exercise isn’t quite to simple.

So why is it that you’ve been planking everyday but you’re not getting any better at it? Though the plank may not have the same dynamism as a burpee or a mountain climber,  it’s actually one of the easiest movements to mess up. There are a lot of little nuanced muscles that your body needs to engage in order to actually make a plank work.

So here I’ve created a video breaking down the plank. I’ve covered some of the major DO’s and DON’Ts of both the “Low Plank” and “High Plank.” I hope you find it helpful for creating strength in your core, progressing you to longer holds, and better movement quality overall.


Let me know below if these tips worked for you! Until next time… – Eva

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