Strengthen Your Glutes and Hips

Sometimes the simplest exercises are the most impactful. Health and fitness professionals across the world agree that glute bridges are a powerful tool in strengthening your glutes, hips, and core. In this video I’ve demonstrated the “original glute bridge,” as well as a few variations of the movement in order to emphasize different muscle groups.

Important to Note:

  1. Always inhale first. Before you move a muscle, prepare yourself with a deep breath in.
  2. Notice how I roll up through my spine, and roll back down again. By rolling through each vertebrae, your core is forced to engage in the movement. This also helps keep pressure out of your lower back, which is more likely to occur if you just shoot your hips up and down as fast as possible.
  3. Your hamstrings might cramp (especially during some of the variations). It’ll be okay, I promise. Take a second to do a straight-leg hamstring stretch, then try again. If the cramps persist, go drink some water. Chances are you’re dehydrated.


I hope you find these movements helpful. Leave me a comment below with thoughts, feedback, or questions! Until next time… -Eva

4 thoughts on “Strengthen Your Glutes and Hips

  1. Great video. You made everything so clear visually. I did Pilates for a while and liked it a lot. Hope to see you soon. πŸ’•Linda Tashman

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