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Through personalized instruction, Ligne works with each and every client to build strength, flexibility, and body-awareness in a safe and sustainable fashion.
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I have been working with Eva for the past couple of months. My first ever Pilates class was one-on-one with Eva. I have taken countless workout classes (private and group) and this is by far my favorite workout, and Eva has been my absolute favorite instructor! Flexibility, strengthening and toning have always been my areas of interest & of everything I have tried, Pilates has given me the best results and has also been the most enjoyable – especially with Eva! Her detailed instruction is easy to follow, which is a relief for a novice like me. Usually I can’t wait to finish my workout for the day, but with this class/her instruction I am actually sad when it comes to an end! She even takes video to show how I have made progress or to give constructive feedback. I cannot say enough positive things about Eva or Pilates, but I will say that you should DEFINITELY take her class. – Alex L.

Alex L.

Eva and I have been working on posture and mobility. I have been delighted by the progress we have made in such a short time. Frankly, it just feels good to do the work! Eva pushes hard, but rewards in kind with the envigorated encouragement. Sessions are always punctual, energetic and fun! I also enjoy her online content, which give me guidance and incentive to continue my own movement throughout our off days. Seeing how hard she works shows me that I can always carve out a few minutes each day to move in a way that feels right for me in that moment. – Jane B.

Jane B.